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Grow your revenue with dine-in orders!

Fudy's innovative QR code system streamlines service for restaurants, hotels, and service venues, enabling customers to effortlessly scan, order and pay without the need for traditional service.

Order and Pay Features

Customized QR code stickers

Multiple languages available

Bank link, Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay and Apple Pay

Unified view for multiple venues

No extra software development is required

CompuCash / rKeeper / Markus integrations available

Manage orders in a user-friendly portal

Comprehensive insights and statistical exports

Choose your business type

Brööder sharing the story

For restaurants

Experience up to 25% more orders and a 15–30% increase in basket size 


  • Customers self-order via QR codes 
  • Enhances experience with faster service 
  • Boosts sales and increases basket size 
  • Reduces operational costs and requires fewer waitstaff 
  • Lightens workloads, enabling a focus on your core business 
  • Streamlines order management for efficiency

How does QR code order and pay work?

The customer orders and pays through a QR code placed on the table. The order goes directly to the kitchen. There is no need to wait for service, menus, or bills. The customer can enjoy a fast service and the staff can dedicate their time to taking care of customers, talking, explaining and extra sales.

For hotels

47% of hotel guests would order room service if it could be done through a simple digital app  


  • QR code scanning for faster, easier in-room service 
  • Multilingual support resolves language barriers 
  • Innovative services for memorable hotel stays 
  • Reduces the hotel's personnel workload 
  • Boosts room service orders and revenue for the hotel 
  • Manager platform automates order management

How does it work for hotels?

Guests can order and pay via an in-room QR code, sending their orders directly to the kitchen. There's no need to call for room service or browse paper menus. Experience prompt service while hotel staff focus on delivering high-quality food for a memorable stay.

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